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  1. A woman in a navy blue suit looks down as she appears at a hearing.

    The embattled director of the Secret Service has resigned from her post less than 24 hours after lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle eviscerated her during a hearing looking into the staggering security lapses before the assassination attempt of Donald Trump.

  2. A woman in a blue suit stands at a podium with the vice presidential seal. American flags are behind her.

  3. A police office stands in front of Paris 2024 branding.

    Three days before the start of the 2024 Olympics, France's interior minister said about 1,000 people suspected of possibly meddling for a foreign power have been blocked from attending the Olympics.

  4. A person in a suit is seen in a medium close up.

    New Jersey senator, who has vowed to appeal conviction for taking bribes for corrupt acts, including acting as an agent of the Egyptian government, to stay on until Aug. 20.

  5. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits in a  chair in front of several Israel flags, answering questions.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington on Monday, leaving behind one war - brutal and seemingly unending - in order to navigate America’s chaotic and unpredictable political battlefield.